Assignment 9 (Part 2)

How does Stephen define ‘seduction’? Do you agree or disagree and why?

Stephen defines ‘seduction’ as “the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage in some sort of behavior”, but in a positive and non-insidious manner. He argues that seduction is vital by referencing how it is used by effective speakers to engage their audience, or by parents motivating their children to learn good things. I agree with this definition because the most successful websites are the ones that are engaging and appealing to the intended audience. To make users want to use the site, website designers must make their websites ‘seductive’.


Why should things we build be seductive?

If you want your point or argument to be accepted among the intended audience, you must ensure that your delivery is effective. Similarly, a website should be able to appeal to the audience for the website to be successful. Building things, in particular websites, that are seductive makes for a more interactive, fun, and positive experience for the user.


Find two other examples of seductive interaction design (web, apps, building space) and explain why the interaction is seductive.

One of the prime examples is Anton&Irene’s portfolio website, The website is so colorful, neat, and yet interactive that users are immediately drawn to stay and explore the site’s features and learn more about the artists. The website design is also effective because it simultaneously serves as both a portfolio and a display of their UX/UI talents themselves. Having interactive features, such as pictures moving when the mouse hovers above them, makes the site that much more fun to use and interactive for the user. This example of seductive interaction design makes the user want to stay and discover more about the artists’ work and background, making it an effective design.  

Another great example is the Instagram app. The new update makes the application more minimalistic, which works perfectly for such an image-heavy app. The scroll feature has become a trademark for Instagram at this point, and because of its user-friendliness has remained an essential part of the application. Moreover, added features like being able to view people’s “stories” in real time engages the user and makes them want to keep using the app. Everything is also neatly organized with tags, and the app has become so personalized that there are even personalized feeds available for users to scroll through. The ease of use, minimalist aesthetic, and multitude of helpful features is what makes Instagram an example seductive interaction design.

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